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Our VIP Maintenance Membership Program

We want all of our customers to experience peace of mind regarding their HVAC systems. Imagine not having to worry about whether your system will make it through the year without problems. For customers who want an extra layer of protection, we offer a membership-only HVAC maintenance program. Throughout Las Vegas, NV, customers trust our HVAC specialists to deliver on the promise of exhaustive HVAC services. Our VIP maintenance membership is one way to ensure your system can withstand the summer heat and the winter chills. Starting at $24.99 per month, so contact us today to get started.

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What Is Included in the VIP Maintenance Membership

At Mojave Air Conditioning, we strive to cover everything our customers need covering. And our VIP maintenance membership is how we get the job done. It folds everything we offer into one competitively-priced package, ensuring customers enjoy cool and warm air year-round. There are no trip charges or diagnostic fees. You will enjoy head-of-the-line privileges and loyalty discounts. As part of the program, we offer two comprehensive inspections per year and one condenser coil cleaning each year. Freon is included as part of the program. We offer a five-year warranty on parts as part of the VIP maintenance membership. But most importantly, we guarantee your satisfaction.

We Serve a Broad Service Area With Our VIP Program

We proudly serve homeowners in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Clark County, NV. Our team is willing to travel anywhere in these locations, ensuring our VIP maintenance membership reaches the audience it deserves. We can promise you will enjoy the benefits of our program, which include, above all else, peace of mind. You will know your air conditioner and heater will stay working throughout the season.

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