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We Offer Zero Percent Financing on New HVAC Systems

Did you know your HVAC system is responsible for almost half of your monthly energy bill? We think you can agree it is essential to have an efficient system that drives your costs down – not up. If your system is laboring to keep your home cool or warm, makes loud noises, or causes your energy bill sky high, it is time to invest in a replacement. We offer HVAC system replacement beginning at $1,900. But more importantly, we offer zero percent financing options, ensuring every family can afford to install the system they need to stay comfortable throughout the year.

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Why Purchasing a New Unit Is Always a Good Idea

There are numerous reasons to take advantage of our generous financing package to purchase a new HVAC system. For instance, upgrading will allow you to use a more modern, technologically advanced option. New HVAC systems are much more energy-efficiency, saving you between 20 and 60 percent on your power bill each month. Most importantly, our team understands how important comfort is to our customers. We can guarantee a new system will enhance the comfort you feel inside your own home.

Our VIP Maintenance Membership Program

At Mojave Air Conditioning, we offer a VIP maintenance membership program. Once you purchase your new unit using our zero percent financing, we encourage you to invest in this program. Doing so will open access to a host of benefits, including first access to service calls, twice-yearly inspections, condenser coil cleanings, loyalty discounts, and much more. We want to help you save money, and engaging in regular maintenance of your new system is one of the best ways to do so. Get in touch with our experts today to learn more about how we can help keep your system humming throughout the year and extend its lifespan.

We’ll Help You Afford Your New HVAC System

In the desert, air conditioning isn’t something you can live without. So, if your system goes down and beyond repair, we want to ensure you can afford a replacement. We are a proudly customer-first company, and we will work with you to help you afford the system you need. More importantly, our experts will help you find the unit that works for your home, not the one that benefits our bottom line. Our emphasis on customer support is why we have remained in business and have grown so much over the past 18 years. No matter what you need from us, you can rely on a personal touch.

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