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One room hotter or cooler than the other? Is your power bill too high?

This could be EASILY fixed with an air duct inspection and air balancing service from Mojave Air Conditioning.

Your ductwork could be leaking in your attic. A properly sealed air duct system will save you money, energy consumption, re-balance the air flow through out your home, and increase your comfort. This can occur in apartments, condos, or small to large homes.


  • Prevents air pollutants from entering your living spaces.
  • Prevents air leaks. Most homes waste 35% of their cooling or heating airflow because of air duct leaks.
  • Prevents wasted energy costs. 35% wasted airflow equals $35 wasted for every $100 spent.
  • Indoor air quality will improve by reducing humidity and dust from being pulled into the home.
  • Saves you money and keeps your home at the right temperature.

It is always a good time to have your ductwork inspected. Call today to set up your air duct inspection! 702-850-2259

*Service call cost can be waived with an HVAC repair or service totaling a minimum of $350 or with the purchase of a VIP Mojave Maintenance Membership.

VIP Mojave Maintenance Membership

Imagine not having to worry about your home’s cooling and heating system. Our VIP Mojave Maintenance Membership provides a whole host of advantages to our customers:

  • No Trip Charges or Diagnostics Fees
  • Head-of-the-Line Privileges
  • Loyalty Discounts
  • Two Comprehensive Inspections per Year
  • One Condenser Coil Cleaning per Year
  • Freon Included (Up to 1 Pound)
  • Five-Year Warranty on Parts & Labor
  • Membership is Transferable
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The VIP Mojave Maintenance Membership starts at $169 per year.

Contact us today to learn more about our membership program and start saving money with preventive maintenance!

We proudly serve homeowners in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Clark County, Nevada.